My blog is a space where I share my thoughts on numerous topics, press articles and interviews, and delve into some of the more complicated and frequently asked scientific questions.

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Quantum Physics and Consciousness

I know, I know. Yes, it’s a weird topic, but it has been receiving a great deal of coverage and all sorts of things have been claimed and argued. So, here is my two cents.

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The Life Scientific interview on BBC Radio 4

I discuss why the Universe is a big quantum computer and why information is the basis for an ultimate theory of everything with Jim Al-Khalili on BBC Radio 4 program, The Life Scientific.

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Good for Nothing Fundamental Physics

I am not religious myself, however, I do enjoy reading various religious texts. My absolute favourite is Tao Te Ching, one of the key foundational books in Taoism. Its central idea is that our lives should consist of “acts without action”, meaning that we should “live in the now” and “go with the flow”.

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Quantum Analogies

When we communicate some profound ideas in physics, we frequently try to use every-day analogies in order to make counterintuitive concepts more familiar. Nowhere is this more present than in quantum physics, which arose from the world of tiny objects of which we have no first-hand experience.

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Logic is defined so that motion looks simple

I’ve always been intrigued by Einstein’s thoughts on physics and geometry. In one of his essays on this topic he says that reality is defined by geometry plus the laws of physics taken together.

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The “Everything is a Q-Wave” Interpretation of Quantum Physics

When we teach quantum physics we still use some old terminology that can actually be very confusing (and may also lead the uninitiated to believe that certain basic things are still not understood!).

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