My blog is a space where I share my thoughts on numerous topics, press articles and interviews, and delve into some of the more complicated and frequently asked scientific questions.

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Via Negativa

I’ve said it many times before that I am much more sympathetic to the Eastern Religions than to the Abrahamic ones (geographically, also Eastern Religions as far as Europe is concerned, but never mind that). However, there is one branch of Christianity that resonates with me more than the rest of it put together (admittedly, this might not be saying much in my case). It’s called the Negative Way, or, even better known by its Latin name: the Via Negativa.

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How could this new type of room-temperature qubit usher in the next phase of quantum computing?

The qubit attained quantum coherence for 100 nanoseconds, which an expert described as an “important milestone” in quantum computing research. Scientists have built a qubit, or quantum bit, that can achieve “quantum coherence” at room temperature — something normally only possible at temperatures close to absolute zero.

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Time lapse picture of a motorbike against bright neon light trails.

Remembering the Future

This post is about retrocausality, which is the notion that an effect could precede its cause. The TV goes off before you pressed the remote control. You die, only then to be born later. I would love to tell you a joke about retrocausality, but I won’t, because you didn’t like it…

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Protocol could make it easier to test the quantum nature of large objects

A protocol for testing the quantum nature of large objects – that, in principle, could work for objects of any mass – has been proposed by researchers in the UK and India. A key feature of the protocol is that circumvents the need to create a macroscopic quantum state to test whether or not quantum mechanics is valid at large scales.

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Experts divided over claims of 1st ‘practical’ algorithm to protect data from quantum computers

LaV’s creators claim it’s the first practical algorithm that can replace current-day encryption as the industry inches closer to creating a large-scale quantum computer.

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Imaginary numbers as superpositions of reals (and the hydrogen molecule knows it!)

I’ll start this blog in a roundabout way, but – if you stick with me – I will hopefully arrive at something you’ll find exciting (of course, it’ll be quantum). I personally think it’s mind-blowing, though I’ve got no idea what to do with it 😊.

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