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This is a space where I share my thoughts on numerous topics, press articles and interviews, and delve into some of the more complicated and frequently asked scientific questions.

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The “Everything is a Q-Wave” Interpretation of Quantum Physics

When we teach quantum physics we still use some old terminology that can actually be very confusing (and may also lead the uninitiated to believe that certain basic things are still not understood!).

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Imaginary time, Twin Paradox and Bell’s Inequalities

The interesting thing about imaginary numbers, like the square root of -1, is that it took two major revolutions in physics to actually make them real.

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Inevitable like human stupidity: Quantum Field Theory

The field concept was an ingenious idea by Michael Faraday, who probably was the best experimental physicist of all times. The “field” itself also ended up being one of the most useful theoretical tools in modern physics.

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Explaining the fact that virtually all processes in the macroscopic domain take place in one direction, but not backwards, has eluded us ever since the days of Newton.

Image (c) Angelina Frank 2020

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It’s Quantum Physics All the Way Down

This is not an essay about the philosophy of infinite regress. No, none of my essays are ever about philosophy. I’d like to tell you about an interesting question in quantum physics that I believe deserve more attention.

Image: What is reality? (c) Chiara Marletto

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Spacetime, Causality and the Quantum

The whole seemingly paradoxical nature of quantum physics (by paradoxical I simply mean that it does not conform to the rules of the ordinary classical logic) stems from the linearity of quantum operations.

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