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This is a space where I share my thoughts on numerous topics, press articles and interviews, and delve into some of the more complicated and frequently asked scientific questions.

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Spacetime and Memory

Despite the fact that the theory of relativity unified space and time into one entity called spacetime, many physicists (and philosophers and others) feel that time somehow holds a different status to space.

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Do we really need a theory of everything?

Finding a theory of everything – explaining all the forces and particles in the universe – is arguably the holy grail of physics. But do we really need a theory of everything? That’s what I discussed in the final episode of the Great Mysteries of Physics podcast – hosted by Miriam Frankel, science editor at The Conversation, and supported by FQxI, the Foundational Questions Institute.

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What is a “click”?

Every time we scientists submit a paper for publication, there is the so-called peer review. Our colleagues (‘peers’) are asked to read our submitted paper and evaluate it. This affects whether and how the paper needs to be revised and if, ultimately, it gets published.

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Clear Water Drops

From Micro to Macro

I’ve written a popular science book with this title, in which I explored various gaps between sciences which exist in our understanding of disparate phenomena at different levels of complexity.

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green light in a dark room

How quantum physics has changed reality

Leaving aside the Albert Einsteins of the world, how many ordinary people understand quantum physics? Mercifully, it is not our stupidity, stupid. It is complicated, even for physicists.

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Entangled Identity of Quantum Indiscernibles

All fundamental particles in nature are, as far as we can tell, identical to one another. Two photons, the particles of light, could have the same frequency, the same polarization and could travel in the same direction, i.e. all of their features could in principle be identical.

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