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This is a space where I share my thoughts on numerous topics, press articles and interviews, and delve into some of the more complicated and frequently asked scientific questions.

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Imaginary numbers as superpositions of reals (and the hydrogen molecule knows it!)

I’ll start this blog in a roundabout way, but – if you stick with me – I will hopefully arrive at something you’ll find exciting (of course, it’ll be quantum). I personally think it’s mind-blowing, though I’ve got no idea what to do with it 😊.

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Hi, My Name is Vlatko and I have Not Published in Nature for 6 years…

I am sorry to appear to be making fun of such weighty issues as alcohol and drug addiction. That’s of course not my intention at all. Instead, I’d like to talk about our newly-developed addiction as scientists to publishing in high impact journals like Nature, Science and so on.

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The Worst Prediction in the Whole of Physics

One of the most amazing consequences of quantization of the electromagnetic field is the appearance of the so called zero-point energy or the quantum vacuum.

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Be Wise – Quantize (or “the wave that wasn’t there”)

I’ve learnt an interesting bit of physics history recently and I want to use it as an excuse to tell you about (no surprises here) quantum physics (proper, not its history). The idea is (mistakenly, but I will come to that 😊) called an “interaction-free” measurement (spoiler: the mistake will turn out to be the fact that there is an interaction after all).

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Quantum Tunnelling and Energy Conservation Whodunit

I’m back in a less angry mode and would like to tell you about a topic that I revisited with some friends and colleagues last week. We met in the beautiful Piedmont’s village of Cocconato for three days and – over some cheese and (a copious amount of) wine – debated a number of fundamental aspects of quantum physics.

Image: Creator: NBC | Credit: NBC via Getty Images Copyright: © NBC Universal, Inc.

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(Quantum) Resonance

Advanced warning: this blog is certificate 18. No-one under 18 is allowed to read an 18 blog and no 18 rated works are suitable for children.

I am a bit fed up with some stuff I keep hearing about and I’d like to get things off my chest. I apologise in advance for the seemingly angry tone of this blog, but I just feel compelled to write about it.

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