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This is a space where I share my thoughts on numerous topics, press articles and interviews, and delve into some of the more complicated and frequently asked scientific questions.

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Absolute zero is the lowest temperature but is there an upper limit?

There are a number of arguments as to why there should be an upper bound on the value of temperature. The simplest is that temperature is related to energy (via Boltzmann’s constant). So if we believe that the energy in the universe is finite (a reasonable supposition), then that gives us the highest temperature.

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The World Exists Only When No One is Looking

One particular misconception that is ever-present is captured by the statement that quantum physics suggests that “the moon is not there when nobody looks”. This is a riff on the old musings of Bishop Berkeley who asked whether a tree falling in the forest makes a sound if there is no one there to hear it.

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A Nightmare of an Eminent Person: A Supporter of the Copenhagen Interpretation Goes to Hell

This is a story about a dear friend of mine, Professor Gustav Klimtovich, who is a world-leading researcher in theoretical quantum physics. Gustav has nightmares and he told me about his recent one involving Hell and the Devil…

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How quantum theory says we can never see a complete picture of reality

Schrödinger’s cat is only the start of quantum weirdness, it leads us to strange worlds where personalities split and time does not exist.

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I’m building a machine that breaks the rules of reality

We thought only fools messed with the cast-iron laws of thermodynamics, but quantum trickery is rewriting the rulebook.

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What life wants

Dead matter has no goals of its own, yet life is constantly striving. That makes it a deep puzzle for physics.

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